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Rooftop Cider Bar at Young & Jacksons

Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Y&J's Rooftop is home to Australia's first Cider Bar.

Featuring an outstanding range of Australian and NZ craft ciders on tap, popular international ciders in bottle, Scrumpy Cider fresh from our famous French Oak Barrel and hot mulled cider for a winter’s eve, Cider bar has a unique range that can’t be beaten.

Cider has been around for thousands of years but is now making a big noise as the new craft fizz and there is no better time to start sampling the best there is to offer today!

Cider Bar at Young & Jacksons Cider Bar at Young & Jacksons Cider Bar at Young & Jacksons

Feeling Peckish?

Australian and NZ Craft Cider Available

Dr. Pilkington's Miracle Cider

The 'Miracle' tonic hints of the quality that's come to be expected from its creator, boasting crisp, true apple flavours and refined acid balance, as well as promising to cure ailments 'from ordinariness to fear of cats'.

Napoleone & Co. Cloudy Apple Cider

Punt Road, Yarra Valley, VIC

The fourth batch of a great wooded & unfiltered, refreshing cider made by the winemakers at Punt Road Wines, in Coldstream VIC. Bright crisp dry apple cider w/refreshing clean, dry finish. Made from 100% Yarra Valley apples.

Kelly Brothers Pure Pear Cider

7% - Kellybrooke Winery, Yarra Valley, VIC

Kelly Brothers cider is neither sweet nor too dry and carries light fresh pear notes on the nose and through the mid-palate – finishing slightly dry ... and then demanding another sip.

Kelly Brothers Scrumpy

4.5-7.5% - Kelly Bros, Kellybrook, Yarra Valley, VIC

Scrump means ‘dirty’. Cloudy and unfiltered it swings from sweet to dry as it ferments behind the bar in the French oak barrel. Made from 100% pure fresh juice from local apples.

Lucky Duck Cider

5.4% - Lucky Duck Ciders, Melbourne, VIC

Made from Breaburn apples - delicately balanced bitters and sharps the apples provide a restrained sweetness and big apple bang mid-palate. Unique, pungent, crisp, smoky/sour/golden syrup flavour.

Cheeky Rascal – Sumerberry Cider

Rebello wines, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Summerberry starts rich with raspberry, followed by blueberry, finishing with a very distinct fresh green pear to finish. This little package is the epitome of fruit cider. If you can imagine four fruits combined in a mouth filling swirl of a berry bomb, with just the right amount of sweetness and a touch of spice, then you know this blend

Apple Thief – Pink Lady Cider

Batlow Brewing Company Batlow, NSW

Pink lady, a deliciously sweet sensation with a clean medium to sweet finish worth stealing a taste of, the apple thief is a premium alcoholic cider created from freshly crushed batlow apples. Refreshing in its deliciousness and purity, the apple thief contains no artificial flavours or concentrates.